3 Reasons Why You Need A Rolling Tray

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January 28, 2021

Think a rolling tray is unnecessary? Here are three reasons why a rolling tray can make or break your smoking game.

Accessories can really accentuate a smoking session. Perhaps there is no tool that is more practical and resourceful than a rolling tray!


Having the perfect rolling tray to meet your needs is essential for kicking your festivities off right.


Think a rolling tray is unnecessary? Here are three reasons why a rolling tray can make or break your smoking game.


It's A Table On-the-Go!


Rolling a joint takes a lot of skill, especially if you're doing it on-the-go. While a knee or thigh can be a handy surface, they are curved and uneven.


This shape doesn't lend itself to rolling something linear, such as a blunt or joint. Plus, you might need to bend yourself in half to use these body parts as a surface!


Rolling trays offer you the support of a table without having to worry about the legs (or yours)! This smoking accessory is a flat surface that gives you adequate space to crack your blunt or roll your joint.


Sometimes it's easy to lose your momentum as you roll. You have to put the blunt down to repair a leaf, or perhaps you rolled the joint too loose. Placing your unrolled wrapper on your leg can cause your favorite strain to spill out.


These worries are even more legit if you're aggravated. Nothing will spill a joint quicker than someone hastily re-rolling it on their knee.


A rolling tray fits comfortably across your lap, and you can work seamlessly with both thighs' support, rather than playing a balancing act with one.


It Saves Weed


Even if you have a table to roll up on, break out a rolling tray. It's going to save you a lot of weed. If you're an everyday smoker like most of us, then these savings can add up quickly.


Whether you're breaking up weed, filling a blunt, or re-rolling a spliff, it's easy for weed to end up around your work area. A lot of us will annoyingly wipe it off the surface and into the carpet below.


Many of us will try to collect it (along with other germs on the surface). Then, we'll save these tiny particles with our other buds and use them for the future.


That's why a rolling tray is your friend. This little accessory is an investment in your weed smoking at a minimal cost.


For instance, the Papes Rolling Tray is just $4.99, and it will catch anything you drop along the way. That way, you can pack it for the next round!


A one-time small investment can save you money in lost THC over time. Plus, you won't collect all the little dust particles left on surfaces in your home. Just make sure to wash your rolling tray regularly!


It Keeps You Organized


Smoking cannabis can be quite an undertaking due to the number of accessories. There's the grinder, the joint papers, wax concentrate, glass tip, the list goes on!


It's easy to misplace all of your paraphernalia when it's scattered all about. Consider the rolling tray as your docking station for your smart devices.


Keep all of your favorite accessories on the rolling tray and place them in a secure spot together when you’re done. When you’re ready to puff away, pull your paraphernalia on the rolling tray out like a waiter with food on a serving tray. Your smoke session de jour is ready!


If you fall in love with using a rolling tray, there are many options you can choose from to customize the experience even more. Some rolling trays come with different compartments that allow you to keep excess rolling papers, dab tools, or lighters. So, if you’re a Type A neat-freak, do some research on the right rolling tray for you!


Try a Rolling Tray Today


Using a rolling tray seems a bit extra. However, once you use a rolling tray, you'll realize that you were basic before you started.  


Rolling trays are one of the most inexpensive smoking accessories on the market. Ironically, it can also save you a lot of money.


These handy tools are ideal for collecting any loose buds as you roll up. It also protects your stash from getting contaminated with dust.


You can also use a rolling tray to keep yourself organized while you prep your smoking session. The rolling tray serves as a perfect support system that gives you the stability to roll tight J's and to prevent unwanted spillage if your leg happens to twitch.


Rolling trays are as customizable as you desire. They are made with a variety of materials, and you can get an affordable and sustainable rolling tray with the Papes Small Rolling Tray.

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