These Weed Instagram Accounts Will Give You That Tumblr Feel

Shay Forrester
June 17, 2019

Artistically and aesthetically pleasing, these cannabis accounts blend high-quality aesthetics with high-quality kush.

If you’re nostalgic for the days when Tumblr permitted adult content, check out the following Instagram accounts that’ll make your timeline shine. Must be 19+ to follow.


highgirlsclub on Instagram

Created by girls for girls, @highgirlsclub offers a creative femme aesthetic to stoner culture. If you like Pantone pink, Legally Blonde and can quote at least one scene from Mean Girls whether you’re sober or not, this page could be your style. Their website has a rotating selection of aesthetically pleasing cannabis paraphernalia and a brand new blog section! With almost 100K followers and a domain with the same name, @highgirlsclub celebrates cannabis by “Keeping the vibe high with a girly gallery of cannabis inspired art & photography” (@highgirlsclub insta bio 05/05/19).


The Herblife's Instagram

Emanating a clean and colourful vibe, @the_herblife is scattered with high-quality cannabis photography, inspiring quotes and relatable graphics and comics. If you’ve seen Grease and you wish Sandy would’ve smoked a fat blunt instead worrying so much about Danny Zuko, look no further. This account offers cute pop culture content that celebrates cannabis-user empowerment and self love.


wowsohigh on Instagram

If you’re the type of person who loves to get lost in the Youtube autoplay, this Instagram account will add some interesting flavour to the mix. If you like watching things that trip you out or make you jump, you’ve come to the right page. @Wowsohigh finds the oddest collection of crazy stunts, interesting animals and strange worldly things to keep a stoner entertained for hours.


Cabin7originals' Instagram

A collection of rainbow hippie artwork, the artist brings stoner culture to life in bright, colourful comics that any user can relate to. Everything posted is made original by the artist themselves and you can see the artist growing and developing over time since their oldest post, November 2017. If you’re a fan of #420girls graphics and engaging weed content, there is an unending stoner conversation in most of the Cabin7 comments. Check it out if you’re looking to stan a unique and up-and-coming graphic artist.


@blazedaffairs on Instagram

New to the scene but near perfectly articulated, @blazedaffairs creates one central location to explore a variety of tumblr-worthy cannabis content. With designer edits and celebrity features, this account is an up-and-coming @fashionkush-style page. The owner dedicates time and effort into sharing the best maryjane content Instagram has to offer. Described as ‘high fashion’, this account is an ideal follow for the fashion-forward stoner. If you’re a high fan of high fashion twitter, you’ll likely be a fan of this account too!


slimesunday on Instagram

Developing his artistic capabilities at the hands of technology, slimesunday is digital porn for the graphic design junkie. The artist often mixes marijuana with his saturated shapes and designs, manipulating the human body and other drug paraphernalia to create an eye-catching array of provocative artwork. In an interview with, the artist defines their aesthetic with “a lack of consistency, constantly evolving, weird sauce” (HungerTV).

Slime sells their prints on Society6 if you want to put some isolated movement on your bedroom wall.

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